Capstone Samples & Testimonials

As suggested on our homepage, education transforms people, preparing them for new thinking and action. In the capstone for the undergraduate minor, students reflect on how their Education coursework and related experiences (such as internships) have prepared them for new thinking and action in the educational domain.

Students show what they’ve learned in one of two ways: by participating in a series of Conversations with community members or by creating a Publication for public exhibition on this site.

Conversations Capstone

It was one of the best academic experiences I have had at Cornell. It allowed me to have a chance to reflect on all my fieldwork and course work at Cornell and my life prior to Cornell. I really enjoyed the positive energy and caring environment established by the guests you invited to the program. They gave such encouraging responses and feedback and made me feel like I really accomplished something here at Cornell.
--Spring 2014 graduate, CALS Interdisciplinary Studies

I loved the conversations event because I was able to connect with other education minors, share my ideas, and receive useful advice from seasoned educators
-Spring 2015 graduate

Publications Capstone Samples

Spring 2017 samples coming soon