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Education is not a department at Cornell. Rather, it is a community of faculty across the University who study education, help students understand it better, and provide expertise to practitioners outside Cornell. You can find their interests and contact information below.

N'Dri T. AssiƩ-Lumumba

N'Dri T. AssiĆ©-Lumumba

Professor, Africana Studies & Research Center Interests: Colonial/post-colonial education; women's education; equity issues in education finance; educational innovations and distance learning
Phone: (607) 255-4625

Ronald G. Ehrenberg

Ronald G. Ehrenberg

Irving M. Ives Professor, Industrial and Labor Relations 
Interests: Economic analyses of higher education, elementary and secondary education; behavioral models of the educational sector
Phone: (607) 255-3026

Natasha Holmes

Natasha Holmes

Assistant Professor, Physics
Interests: Teaching and learning in physics and other science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) courses
Phone: 607-255-1783

Mary Ann Huntley

Mary Ann Huntley

Senior Lecturer and Director of K-12 Outreach , Mathematics
Interests: Secondary mathematics curriculum
Phone: (607) 255-5529

Richard Kiely

Richard Kiely

Senior Fellow, Program Evaluation, Office of Engagement Initiatives
Interests: Service learning, community development
Phone: (607) 379-1101

Jeffery Perry

Jeffrey Perry

Senior Lecturer, Development Sociology (CALS)
Interests: Agriculture and STEM education; youth development
Phone: (607) 255-8122

Annalisa Raymer

Annalisa L. Raymer

Lecturer, Development Sociology (CALS), and Director of the Community Learning and Service Partnership (CLASP)
Interests: leadership and learning; informal education and social change; scholarship of teaching & learning, community education, lifelong learning, public life, placemaking, civic democracy, democratic evaluation
Phone: (607) 255-7633

Troy Richardson

Troy Richardson

Associate Director of Academic Development, American Indian Program
Interests: Fostering ethical inter-cultural relations; philosophy of education; continental philosophy; multicultural education; American Indian Studies
Phone: (607) 254-4681

Dawn Schrader

Dawn E. Schrader

Associate Professor, Communication 
Interests: Ethics and moral education; the socio-moral climate of schools and communities; the role of metacognition in cognitive, moral and intellectual development
Phone: (607) 255-9258

Dr. Robert ScottRobert Scott

Executive Director of the Cornell Prison Education Program and Adjunct Assistant Professor, Horticulture Section, School of Integrative Plant Science
Interests: Education in correctional facilities; Sustainable food production.
Phone: (607) 255-9091

John Sipple

John W. Sipple

Associate Professor, Development Sociology
Interests: Political pressures and institutional constraints that impact behavior of teachers, administrators, schools and districts; state-level politics and policies; local school organization responses to new standards
Phone: (607) 255-3005

William Trochim

William M. Trochim

Professor, Policy Analysis and Management
Interests: Experimental design; computer simulations of novel statistical analytical approaches; investigations of quality, implementation, and conceptualizations of research
Phone: (607) 255-3005

Sofia A. Villenas

Sofia A. Villenas

Associate Professor, Anthropology
Interests: Anthropology of education; Latino schooling and family education; race/ethnicity in education; Latina/Chicana feminist studies in education
Phone: (607) 254-5263

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams

Professor, Human Development
Interests: Intelligence; tacit knowledge; informal learning; critical thinking and reasoning; group differences; underrepresented groups; women in science, life in today's academy
Phone: (607) 255-2537