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Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.)

Cornell and Ithaca College have a collaborative program that will help you take your academic passions and prepare you to work with—and inspire—children and adolescents in a variety of educational settings. Graduates of our 13-month M.A.T. program are fully eligible for initial teaching certification in the state of New York, which has reciprocity agreements with more than 30 other states and jurisdictions. Certification specialties include agriculture, English, biology, social studies, chemistry, French, earth science, Spanish, physics, and mathematics. More information.

Agriculture Education M.A.T.

As part of our collaborative agreement with Ithaca College (see above), our Agriculture Education M.A.T. program will help prepare you for careers as a teacher, Extension educator, community educator, a leader in agriculture sales and marketing and other in-demand jobs. The program combines Ithaca College’s strengths in teacher education with Cornell’s ranking as one of the leading agricultural universities in the world. Graduates are fully eligible for initial teaching certification in the state of New York. More information

Graduate Minor in Education

Students in graduate-degree programs at Cornell University may pursue a Minor in Education. Interested students should meet with a faculty member from the Graduate Field of Education. If the professor agrees to serve on the student’s committee, an appropriate plan of study will be developed which will typically include coursework in Education (or related) and some portion of one’s thesis or A-exam on related issues.

Masters and Doctoral Degrees

Cornell’s Field of Education is not currently accepting applications for graduate study in Education. Any questions should be directed to Professor John Sipple.