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Master of Arts in Teaching - Agriculture Education

Why study Agriculture Education?

Agricultural education programs are growing in popularity in suburban and urban high schools as well as in rural areas. According to a 2014 National Association of Agricultural Educators supply-and-demand report, more than 200 additional agriculture teachers are needed due to program growth and expansion each year.

Some of the larger programs are looking for teachers who specialize in teaching animal science, plant science or mechanics. But many are looking for generalists who can teach those topics as well as other courses ranging from forestry and environmental science to landscaping, welding and small animal husbandry. If you have a wide-range of interests, these opportunities just might be for you.

Our Agriculture Education M.A.T. program (delivered in collaboration with Ithaca College) will help prepare you for careers as a teacher, Extension educator, community educator, a leader in agriculture sales and marketing and other in-demand jobs. The program combines Ithaca College’s strengths in teacher education with Cornell’s ranking as one of the leading agricultural universities in the world. Graduates are fully eligible for initial teaching certification in the state of New York.

The program in a nutshell

You can complete the Agriculture Education M.A.T. in just a little more than a year, beginning in late May and running through the following June.

Here’s what you’ll study:

Summer session (late May through July):

  • Pedagogy and practice
  • Agriculture program planning
  • Educational technology

Fall semester (late August through mid-December):

  • Literacy course
  • Special needs course
  • Pedagogy and practice
  • Youth organizations in agriculture
  • Field placement in local schools
  • Required seminars

Spring semester (January through April):

  • Student teaching
  • Reflective practice seminar

Summer II (May through June):

  • Teacher research paper
  • Agriculture education professional seminar

Admission pre-requisites

Requirements for admission to the Agriculture Education M.A.T. program:

  • Undergraduate degree in an agriculture field. (Transcript review required.)
  • 3.0 or higher GPA
  • GRE general test
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • 30 hours of documented, in-school classroom experience.

The following can be taken upon your arrival on campus, but it is helpful to have these courses completed before your entrance to the program:

  • Educational/adolescent psychology
  • Foundations of education

Application deadline for the program is February 15.

 If interested, contact Jeff Perry

For Cornell students, an ideal path leading to the Agriculture M.A.T. program is to major in Agricultural Science or Animal Science with a minor in Education.

How to apply

Visit the Ithaca College Application Process page for information.


Visit the Ithaca College M.A.T. website for semester-by-semester curriculum details.